Innovation to the tune of €73.4 million

SkiWelt is investing in hi-tech lift systems

Not a year goes by without improvements – nor a year without investments. And this year’s investments are incredibly high. SkiWelt will be spending a total of €73.4m to make the ski area yet more modern – offering visitors a wonderfully comfortable and interactive skiing experience!

SkiWelt is pushing forward with innovative infrastructure, with no fewer than four new lift systems currently being built in the ski area – two of which will become operational this winter. The new structures will offer a new dimension in terms of comfort, service and speed in one of the largest and most modern ski resorts in the world.

SkiWelt Brixen im Thale

Wow! So future-oriented – the first combination lift in the Kitzbühel Alps

For the 2019/20 winter season, SkiWelt Brixen im Thale will have a new hi-tech 8/10 CGD combination lift: costing €15.5m, it replaces the old 4-seater chairlift. The new Zinsbergbahn will have roomy 10-person panoramic gondolas and comfortable 8-person chairs with heated seats and bubbles to protect against the weather. The first of its kind in the entire Kitzbühel Alps, the lift also offers separate access for children’s ski school groups. In order to meet SkiWelt’s ecological requirements, a large photovoltaic system has been installed at the mountain station, while the lift and piste have been extended 400 metres upwards, greatly increasing the attractiveness of this busy connecting lift within SkiWelt. The new Zinsbergbahn will also run in summer from 2020 on, thus expanding the summer offer.


  • Type: Combination lift with 10-person gondolas offering panoramic views, weather protection bubbles and seat heating (open all year round)
  • Speed: 6.00 m/s
  • Carrying capacity: 3,400 people/hr in winter / 1,035 people/hr in summer (gondolas only)

SkiWelt Westendorf

Wow! So super-fast and with great views – new chairlift to SkiWelt’s highest point

SkiWelt Westendorf has a major project in the offing, investing €15.5m in constructing the new 8CLD/B Fleidingbahn. The result is one of the world’s most modern 8-seater chairlifts with comfort suspension, seat heating and weather protection bubbles. The new routing will offer skiers a longer piste for even more fun on the slopes. Once at the top, skiers can appreciate the unique panorama that opens up at the mountain station, the highest point of SkiWelt, with an informative display (planned for summer 2020), a viewing platform and the Alpinorama showing places of special interest in the Westendorf ski and hiking area. The focus is on relaxing and recuperating in the mountains, with the Alpinorama as a resting place to slow down and chill out, listen to the silence, consciously enjoy the majestic panorama and become completely absorbed in the here and now.


  • Type: 8-person chairlift with bubble and seat heating
  • Speed: 6.00 m/s
  • Transit time: 4.82 min
  • Carrying capacity: 2,730 people/hr

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