Rendezvous with a witch

The wise ladies with pointed hats have turned everything upside down and cleaned up the "Hexenwasser" with their brooms

They have made the cable car bigger, the witches' pot has been converted into a raven's nest and the witches have also found a new home for themselves.

The brand new 10-person gondola lift that sings, sounds and tells stories
Hexenwasser (from the Söll valley station to Hexenwasser) starts its mysterious gates again on 1 August and has more to offer than ever before until the end of the season on 26 October 2020.

The bottom and top stations will be freshly dressed up. In each of the 72 gondolas there is a very special witch's world - the "Hexophonie", and you can feel it at every turn:
"something, no, much ... yes almost everything is OTHER!

The reason: More than ever before, the witches are the hosts in the Hexenwasser, they cook their soup and we all can enjoy it
Sometimes it can make you go crazy, but we wanted it that way,
the area of Söll has always been the home of the Juffinger and Saukogl witch. Now it has happened, and if we are careful, the witches stay and share their witch knowledge with us.

Every visitor to Hexenwasser can find out for themselves what this means:

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