Winding, turning, walking, wondering. There is movement again in the Hexenwasser Söll!

The ride in the new "narrative" Hexenwasser gondola should be "almost as beautiful as a flight on the witches broom" from August 2020

Since mid-March, the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 preventive measures have made it impossible for us to make any forecast regarding the opening of the new gondola lift and the conversion of the mountain and valley stations. The situation was difficult for everyone and could not be planned. Especially in challenging times it is important to have reliable regional & Austrian partnerships with construction and trade companies, whom we would like to thank in this way for their commitment.

The construction of the new Hexenwasser cable car could be continued on 14.4. and is now running at full speed again. Together we are looking forward to the future and are looking forward to the implementation of the projects and bewitching beautiful ideas that have been worked out together with many smoking minds.

What makes "the Hexenwasser gondola lift experience" so unique?

In the past, the construction of a new gondola lift served purely for the purpose of transport. Nowadays, the ride on the gondola is an experience in itself for many. Therefore we decided to create an unusual gondola concept. In the new 10-person gondola lift, which of course meets the highest standards from a technical point of view and in terms of comfort, the so-called "hexophony" plays its part. Each of the 72 cabins is unique thanks to its individual design and motif. The Söller locals from young to old have given the gondola their voice and recorded 72 different short stories matching the motifs. In addition, the Bundesmusikkapelle Söll recorded a "weird witch music" with 72 soundtracks - the "Hexophonie" - to accompany the stories.

New adventure shop "Rabennest" at the top station

Our new raven's nest - the adventure shop at the top station is a cosy place full of secrets and treasures for raven parents and raven children. Right from the start of the season, you can always meet a real witch-water witch who feels at home in the Raven's Nest.

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